lunes, 28 de marzo de 2011

Rainbow Easter Eggs / Huevos de Pascua

Hola! Se acerca la Semana Santa y qué mejor que tejer unos cuantos huevos de crochet para regalar junto con la clásica "mona" de chocolate. Estos de aquí están tejidos con lana de algodón multicolor, un ganchillo de 3.5mm y mucho cariño...

Empecé tejiendo tres / I started crocheting three eggs

Después llegó la media docena / After, they were half a dozen

Y no pude parar de seguir tejiendo hasta llegar a 18!
And I couldn't stop crocheting until there were 18 easter eggs!!!

Estoy segura de que queréis hacer unos cuantos, verdad?
I'm sure you would like to crochet some of these, right?

Happy EASTER!!!

domingo, 27 de marzo de 2011

"Mediterrani" crochet coasters

It seems like BLUE is going to be this year's colour, almost for me... These weeks I'm feeling like crocheting a lot of objects in different kinds of blue. To me, BLUE means the summer, the sea, the sky, my little girl's eyes... and my beloved Mediterranean city. BLUE means peace, relax, frienship and a lot of positive things that fill my life!

So, last week I found in a yarn shop this amazing yarn, a mixture of light blue, turquoise and white. I fell in love with it and just could purchase a ball because there were no more left...

What could I make with just a ball of this cute blue yarn? Maybe a set of coasters I thought...why not? Easy to crochet and nice to look at and to use, don't you think so? Do you want to try to crochet some of these coasters with one of your favourite yarns? Sure??? So, here you are my free Mediterranean coasters pattern. Just for you BLUE!!!

Mediterranean Coasters Pattern:
1 - Crochet 6 hdc inside a Magic Ring. Sl st
2 - Increase around . Sl st (12 hdc)
3 - *1dc,Inc* around. Sl st
4 - *2dc, Inc* around. Sl st
5 - 2sc in each dc around. Sl st
6 - 1sc around (in a contrasting colour). Sl st

miércoles, 23 de marzo de 2011

First Spring Flower

It seems like the cold and dark days are over and...SPRING IS ALREADY HERE!!!. I'm so happy, happy, happy that I want to celebrate it with the first crochet flower of this spring. It's all for you!!!

sábado, 19 de marzo de 2011

Feliz Día del Padre / Happy Father's Day

Hoy 19 de marzo se celebra en España el Día del Padre y, qué mejor que celebrarlo con algo de crochet. ¿Qué os parece este bigote amigurumi que he tejido? La verdad es que encuentro que el resultado es divertido y original, gracias sobretodo a mi "modelo" particular, mi pequeña Lady Crochet. Si queréis intentar hacer uno de estos bigotes, encontraréis el patrón en el blog Easy:

¡Feliz Día del Padre!

jueves, 17 de marzo de 2011

Crochet B-Day Cake

Hi! Feeling like something sweet?. Then, you are in the right place.... Yesterday was a friend's birthday and because I'm not as good at baking as my sister (, I decided to crochet her a little B-Day Cake.

It came from a nice strawberry chocolate cake "recipe" that I found at Yummi Gurumi by Haden&Sala crochet book. I crocheted it in cotton yarn and with a 3.5mm hook. It was fun to make it and my friend liked it a lot, which is the most important thing: to make something for someone who you already know that will appreciate it...

And the candle gives it the perfect touch, don't you think so?

Happy Birthday!!

lunes, 14 de marzo de 2011

Geisha Tears

My geisha is sad...

She cries for all the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan

Mi geisha está triste... llora por las víctimas del terremoto y del tsunami en Japón.

domingo, 13 de marzo de 2011

Crochet Vase

Spring is in the air...Can you feel it? The days are getting longer, the parks are getting greener and some flowers are already saying hello to the sun and to the little by little warmer weather here in Barcelona... So, this morning I went for a walk and saw these little cute flowers. I think they look perfect in my last crocheted vase. This is a really little one but I think it's very cute. I've crocheted it with a 3.5mm hook and in Katia Spring cotton dark blue yarn, which is one of my favourite colours.

You can put inside the vase a plastic bag or a tiny plastic or glass tube with a little water in it in order to keep your flowers fresh! And, be careful because these crochet vases can become very addictive!!!

So, the first was the little blue one...

Just a few hours later, I crocheted a bigger one, this time in red...

And, after the red one, a third crochet vase, in ecru...

Which one do you like the most? ;-)

Se acerca la primavera y, con ella, los días se alargan, el sol hace que los días vayan siendo poco a poco más templados y los parques se llenan de flores. Esta mañana, paseando, he encontrado estas flores y no he podido vencer la tentación de comprarlas. Un par de ellas las he puesto en este pequeño florero de crochet que tejí ayer. Aunque es pequeño, me encanta su forma!. Lo he tejido con un ganchillo de 3.5mm y lana de algodón Katia Spring en color azul marino, uno de mis favoritos...

Podéis introducir dentro del jarrón de ganchillo un pequeño tubo de cristal o una bolsa de plástico con el fin de poner algo de agua para mantener vuestras flores frescas!

lunes, 7 de marzo de 2011

Crochet Shopping

Hello my dear readers!!. Today I would like to share with you some "crochet memories" regarding this past weekend, that I've spent in London. To me, London is a fascinating city, full of life, creativity and some amazing shops like All the Fun of the Fair (2, Kingly Court). It's a little yarn shop (maybe some of you already know it...) full of objects related to the incredible world of yarn, knitting and crochet. There, I fell in love with a tiny watermelon amigurumi pin and a knitted heart postcard + badge. Don't you think they're just cute?

On Saturday, I almost went "crazy" amongst all the amazingly nice objects at Cath Kidston's shop in Notting Hill. Such a lot of things I wanted to buy but not enough budget (if I wanted to be able to pay as well the hotel...), so I had to settle with a cute, cute, cute set of three floral tin boxes, a floral tea mug (that doesn't appear in the photo, sorry!) and this lovely oilcloth pencil case that I've turned into my loveliest "hook case".

And last but not least, I found one of my favourite crochet magazines: Crochet Today, that isn't available in Spain and a book full of amigurumi projects that I bought at Waterstones, one of my favourite bookshops. My trip to London also included lots of walking, sightseeing, laughing and sweets eating... so now I think I need a good rest and some crochet ;-)


martes, 1 de marzo de 2011

Crochet Aliens

Hi and welcome to my crochet blog!! It's nice to have you here and to share with you my little crochet 3D crafts... Since the beginning, I've always liked to crochet aliens and strange bugs!! Yes, I think they're easy to crochet and they're always funny!!!. I love to give them to friends and specially to kids. They always become very fond of them very quickly....

The funny thing about aliens is that they can have strange heads, bodies, arms, legs and eyes...the stranger they are, the cuter they look!!!. If you don't believe me, have a look at Arnie.... I crocheted it last week for a 6 year old kid that has liked Arnie so much, that he even takes the alien everywhere he goes!!. This free pattern is called Curious Alien and you can find it at

And last, but not least...what dou you think about crocheting a nice family of little aliens?. The pattern, I found it through Tangled Happy blog. You will fid it at

First of all, I crocheted the pretty mum, Pinky Eri Alien

And here you are the smart dad, Greeny Pol Alien

And their cute daughter, Purple Tiny Alien

Don't they look just cutealieny?