Crochet Shopping

Hello my dear readers!!. Today I would like to share with you some "crochet memories" regarding this past weekend, that I've spent in London. To me, London is a fascinating city, full of life, creativity and some amazing shops like All the Fun of the Fair (2, Kingly Court). It's a little yarn shop (maybe some of you already know it...) full of objects related to the incredible world of yarn, knitting and crochet. There, I fell in love with a tiny watermelon amigurumi pin and a knitted heart postcard + badge. Don't you think they're just cute?

On Saturday, I almost went "crazy" amongst all the amazingly nice objects at Cath Kidston's shop in Notting Hill. Such a lot of things I wanted to buy but not enough budget (if I wanted to be able to pay as well the hotel...), so I had to settle with a cute, cute, cute set of three floral tin boxes, a floral tea mug (that doesn't appear in the photo, sorry!) and this lovely oilcloth pencil case that I've turned into my loveliest "hook case".

And last but not least, I found one of my favourite crochet magazines: Crochet Today, that isn't available in Spain and a book full of amigurumi projects that I bought at Waterstones, one of my favourite bookshops. My trip to London also included lots of walking, sightseeing, laughing and sweets eating... so now I think I need a good rest and some crochet ;-)



  1. That sounds like a really nice trip! Great shopping you did... I ordered a copy or Crochet Today on the internet and had it ship to Spain, it took a while of course, but it got there! Kind regards, Floortje


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