"Mediterrani" crochet coasters

It seems like BLUE is going to be this year's colour, almost for me... These weeks I'm feeling like crocheting a lot of objects in different kinds of blue. To me, BLUE means the summer, the sea, the sky, my little girl's eyes... and my beloved Mediterranean city. BLUE means peace, relax, frienship and a lot of positive things that fill my life!

So, last week I found in a yarn shop this amazing yarn, a mixture of light blue, turquoise and white. I fell in love with it and just could purchase a ball because there were no more left...

What could I make with just a ball of this cute blue yarn? Maybe a set of coasters I thought...why not? Easy to crochet and nice to look at and to use, don't you think so? Do you want to try to crochet some of these coasters with one of your favourite yarns? Sure??? So, here you are my free Mediterranean coasters pattern. Just for you and...in BLUE!!!

Mediterranean Coasters Pattern:
1 - Crochet 6 hdc inside a Magic Ring. Sl st
2 - Increase around . Sl st (12 hdc)
3 - *1dc,Inc* around. Sl st
4 - *2dc, Inc* around. Sl st
5 - 2sc in each dc around. Sl st
6 - 1sc around (in a contrasting colour). Sl st