Crochet Aliens

Hi and welcome to my crochet blog!! It's nice to have you here and to share with you my little crochet 3D crafts... Since the beginning, I've always liked to crochet aliens and strange bugs!! Yes, I think they're easy to crochet and they're always funny!!!. I love to give them to friends and specially to kids. They always become very fond of them very quickly....

The funny thing about aliens is that they can have strange heads, bodies, arms, legs and eyes...the stranger they are, the cuter they look!!!. If you don't believe me, have a look at Arnie.... I crocheted it last week for a 6 year old kid that has liked Arnie so much, that he even takes the alien everywhere he goes!!. This free pattern is called Curious Alien and you can find it at

And last, but not least...what dou you think about crocheting a nice family of little aliens?. The pattern, I found it through Tangled Happy blog. You will fid it at

First of all, I crocheted the pretty mum, Pinky Eri Alien

And here you are the smart dad, Greeny Pol Alien

And their cute daughter, Purple Tiny Alien

Don't they look just cutealieny?


  1. I love your aliens! They've all come out so well.

  2. Hi Inge, what a great blog you have, love all your creations, they're all so colourful....
    Hasta la proxima, Floortje
    P.s. can I ask you if you are spanish or originally from another country, since you don't have a spanish sounding name....

  3. Hola Inge, te hemos conocido por Kirei y nos ha gustado mucho trabajo, haces unos amigurumis muy chulos!


    Esencia Custome

  4. Thanks for your nice words Floortje!! Yes, I'm Spanish, from Barcelona. It's just that I have a Danish name because of a friend of my dad that is from Danemark and is called Inge. That's the "secret" of my name ;-)

  5. Hoy te vi en Kireee!!!
    Enhorabuena, de verdad, me alegro mucho por ti.

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