My Fish Family

Hi! Here I am, looking for summer to come and with no very nice weather here in my town. And sometimes you know that bad weather means a lot of time to crochet nice things... ;-). So, let me introduce you my "Fish Family". I started crocheting one of these little fishes but couldn't avoid crocheting a lot of them!. They're really addictive, you know... As you will see, some of them are bigger than the others just because I crocheted them with a thicker yarn, but the pattern is the same.

Fish N.1

Fish N.2

Fish N.3

Fish N.4

Fish N.5


If you like, you can mix and match different yarn colours in order to give a more glamorous look to your fish!


  1. Qué cucos son! Gracias por compartir el patrón!

  2. Thanks 4 sharing!!!!!! I'll try to make some when I finish what I'm doing right now! They're cute!!!!! My blog... I would appreciate U could take a look and tell me what u think about my humble work. :)

  3. Me encantaron, voy a ver si hago alguno (y seguro que me gusta cómo queda y hago muchos más).
    Buen domingo.

  4. Son preciosos! Dónde puedo encontrar el patrón? Gracias! Carmen.

  5. Cualquier patrones de ganchillo para esto ?! Por cierto este es adorable!


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