2010 XMAS decorations (1)

Hello darlings! It's just 13 days left to Christmas and, for me, this is a very intensive crocheting time of the year. I don't know why but I'm spending lots of hours these days crocheting Christmas decorations for the tree as well as little presents for friends and relatives. Can't wait to show you some of this year's little crochety decorations, so here they are...

This is a Crochet Xmas Star Decoration I've made from a pattern that you will find in Lucy's Attic 24 blog: http://attic24.typepad.com

And this Amigurumi Xmas Heart pattern comes from: http://owlishly.typepad.com
I added some extra decorations to it, like the glass bead and the gingerbreadman button that I really love, love, love... xoxo


  1. Hola Inge, tu árbol se ve lindo con esa estrella y el corazón, muy bonitos los adornos.
    Un abrazo.


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