Since I began crocheting amigurumis, one of my goals was to crochet some amigurumi cactus. Two years later, I've made it!!!. The point is that I couldn't find any nice patterns until I found this nice French blog, Tiamat Creations, and its cactus pattern: http://tiamat-creations.over-blog.com/ext/http://www.fichier-pdf.fr/2009/11/11/aokh42a/. I've adapted the pattern a little bit and I've customized my crochet cactus with colour bead pins, some tiny crochet flowers and some little tin pots (the pattern shows you how to make a crochet pot as well). I hope you like them!!! 


  1. Preciososss, donde encontrastes los cubos? son chulisimos. Saludos.

  2. Gracias Paqui!!! Los cubitos son del Jardiland de Sant Cugat del Vallès.


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