Spongebobmania: Patrick and Plankton

Oh yes!! Can you understand that?? Lots of  kids, boys and girls, the little ones and the old ones...crazy about Spongebob animated TV series!!! My little girl wants to watch it all the time, wants to read about it, wants to play the Internet games, makes me buy stickers and even an album!! What happens to this strange, SpongeBob, and his freakies friends that live in the underwater city of "Bikini Bottom" that everyone likes them??. Now, even me, I dare say...- So, I looked for some patterns about the characters and crocheted two amigurumis for my daughter: Patrick Star and Plankton. The Plankton pattern, you can find it at http://www.lionbrand.com/ . The Patrick Star pattern I bought it at Etsy.com. Enjoy!!!

Patrick Star

Patrick and Plankton